Shiv Shanmugam

Student & builder from India

I am a high schooler building a few early stage initiatives on the side. Mainly on the editor but I occasionally visit the design board and write on what intrigues me.
I compose my applications with particular importance on code quality and readability. As I am currently experimenting with Rust & Typescript, I primarily build web and command line applications.
Currently diving into content creation with CS Explained , where I post bite sized computer science content.



Global issues, collaboratively solved


A Rust based chess engine

CS Explained

Computer science, effectively explained

Side Projects


Search millions of files, in seconds


A pythonic async wrapper for Piston


Expose your Discord server to an API


The next-gen HTTP library for Python


Run any Git repository, in seconds


Decoded: Image Optimization on the Web

A peak into the magic behind image optimization on the web

Random numbers are not random

A small writing on how computers generate random numbers

Built with NextJS and Tailwind and uses Lanyard for presence data.
Feel free to reach out to me on Discord @ shhiv